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Early Onset Scoliosis

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                                           ~ Exercise Treatments ~




~~~ Unlike the situation for adults, I honestly don't believe that for a growing child, exercise geared specifically towards treating scoliosis has to be a lifelong commitment.


Below are a few links that may be of help to parents embarking on this journey. No one seems to agree when it comes to the correct exercise treatments! Parents should educate themselves on the most appropriate non-operative treatment for their child. Unless your child has a small curve which is under 20 degrees and the doctor has advised to watch and wait, the following exercises should be done in conjunction with a prescribed brace. If the curve is small and nothing has been prescribed, then go for it!!!


Physiotherapy is absolutely necessary with rigid bracing because of muscle atrophy. Specific physio as an adjunct to bracing can be very effective as has been  shown by doctors in Italy under the SEAS program. Of course, this is just one mom's opinion!





Does your child pronate with his/her feet?


 My daughter pronates and we got her Birkenstock sandals for the summer and running shoes from New Balance.New Balance carries a line of arch support running shoes.The cost is no different than a regular pair of running shoes or sandals for kids.My daughter’s posture is much better; she was tilting before.



Water Therapy.   Please note that the article is both in English (right hand column) and Polish (left hand column). So.... for those feeling ambitious and wanting to learn not only water therapy but Polish too, here is your chance!


Torso Rotation


Treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis With Quantified Trunk Rotational Strength Training - A pilot Study: Kevin L. McIntire, PhD, et. al.




Photocopied article on Torso Rotation Therapy taken from the Journal

of Musculoskeletal Medicine




Dr. Vert Mooney's study on Torso Rotation Strength Training



Facility Locator for the Torso MedX Machines


A picture is worth a thousand words... an example of torso rotation success in the early stages of scoliosis.



          "I feel like I want everyone to know that this is a great thing to do if you are "watching and waiting".   I wish I did this with my daughter before she had her big growth spurt!"
















Notes from the Mother:



"We used a Cybex from the Galileo series that has been discontinued.She started at 2 sets of 20 reps on each side and worked her way up to 6 sets.I figured the theoretical weight of each plate to be 20 pounds.The thing is she topped out at 6. 2 sets about 20 reps each set. It seems anymore we added just really tugged at her abs instead of her back. It doesn't anchor the hips like a Med X but the footprint is smaller, it’s cheaper, readily available, and uses the psoas in the action of pinching legs together.I pushed back on her knees on every twist to force her hips to remain still. ALSO SMALL ARCS. Large arcs just worked her abs not her back."






One Father's Experience:

By popular demand these are Scott's exercise videos.

Scott is 6.5 and too young to fit into a torso rotation machine. In addition he isn't coordinated enough to do the "at home" exercise in Dr. Kevin McIntire's 2008 study 

These are my best approximations until Scott turns 8 and can fit into a torso rotation machine.
Exercise video 1"rotators"

3 times per week in the morning before school


Exercise video 2"canyons"
2 times per week in the morning before school

In addition to these exercises we do general strength training.


I am neither a doctor nor a physical therapist. Always consult a qualified physician before you or your child starts any exercise program.








 Certified Schroth Practitioners Around the World:

(Note that if Schroth Therapy is provided by a Physical Therapist, it may be covered by your insurance)






Other Treatments:


The New Rehabilitation Treatment, T KARSKI, MD: THE NEW REHABILITATION



Min Mehta:   Active Correction by Side-Shift: An Alternative Treatment for Early Idiopathic Scoliosis



Yoga for Scoliosis



             Correcting Scoliosis during the AIS

             Growth Spurt:
















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